Monday Meals

Breakfast: 3 eggs

Snack: Banana and a few raspberries Kyle’s Cost $1.50

Lunch: Sometimes you just have to eat out and today was one of those days.  When I do eat out I try to keep it simple.  Usually there is a wild fish that would be a good option or some type of meat that doesn’t have a lot of sauce that could be full of hydrogenated oil or sugar.  I have found that the only side that doesn’t contain margarine at most restaurants are steamed vegetables and and I usually bring along my own butter.  I also stay away from the dirty dozen.  If you want a salad it is best to bring your own dressing because they are usually made with vegetable oil.  Lastly, I stay away from the bread and fried foods.Kyle’s Cost= Gratis,  work meal.

Dinner: Ratatouille! Kyle’s Cost = 13.00  This is a one pot meal!  Onion, pastured ground beef, 2 zucchini, 1 bell pepper, 3 tomatoes, thyme, and parsley.